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While meditating you can connect with spirit in a similar way through your dreams.  When I began the 21 day meditation I would use the headphones and began to train my brain to have fewer thoughts, to be in the moment.

David G is a wonderful guided meditation facilitator.  His voice is very soothing and he works with you at whichever level you are at,  he understands that it takes time to get to where you need to be and his meditations help you get there, there is no doubt about that.

While I was practicing the daily meditations I would reach the theta state in my brain, where I was in a trance like state, that is where you can at times receive spiritual insight.

I think I was on the 15th day or so, it was at the point where it became so easy to drift and get into that theta state without problem.

I remember having no thoughts and staring up and in towards the brow (the third eye) which you should try to concentrate on while meditating, unless there is a specific technique for what you are practicing on.  When you look up and in towards your brow there are 2 things that are significant:

1. You can concentrate on something and it will make it easier to train your mind to where you can have no thoughts. When focusing on something you more apt to not think so much. your concern goes to what you are concentrating on. Just the same when you are concentrating on your breathing.

2. It will help to open that chakra which is your 6th chakra and the term in yoga is your ajna chakra. When your third eye is open you become more aware and insightful and have a better knowing and control over your own destiny.

During the meditation that I fell into the theta state, I began to see the shape of a face coming toward me. It was  moving very slow and crept up to my awareness.  As it became closer it was a face of a dark-skinned man and he was  smiling. Well dummy me I became a little frantic and opened my eyes quickly, now why I did that I don’t know, and really wish I hadn’t.

I wasn’t even thinking about spirit at that moment, not before the mediation or anytime that day.  So it was very interesting  how my spirit guide was trying to get my attention at that moment, and felt  free enough to appear because of the state I was in.

When I finally channeled my sprit guide Bill, many months later, I was told that it was indeed him trying to get my attention and letting me know that he was with me.

Amazing things can happen if you just let them, I have learned to really become grounded and to trust more in things that I may not be aware of.


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