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I became spiritualy awakened in 2005, I had a real conscious shift that initially terrified me, I was not sure at the time what was happening. However, I am so happy that I started my journey and never looked back. I have throughout my entire life since early childhood, had very strange and sometime amazing phenomenal situations happen to me. As I began to understand more of what was going on, I began reading everything and anything I could get my hands on. In 2011 I had many experiences coming from spirit. I met my spirit guide and contacted many others on the other side, I met a spiritualist in California who told me his guides said I need to start using the pendulum, that would be my tool for that time, to connect with the spirit realm. Before I initially started to do this, I did a 21 day mediation challenge. My spirit guide blatantly came through to my minds eye one night while meditating and since then I haven't stopped talking with him. Along the way Fairies, ET's, Archangels, Angels, etc. started coming through, I never once doubted this was happening, but I still was a bit afraid to tell others. I didn't want anyone thinking for one I was crazy and two, putting doubt my way. Yes, both things have happened since letting others know...lol...But I learned to deal with it with positivity and love. I am learning many techniques with medium ship, that are helping me tremendously, I want to help others with as much as I can.

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